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Tobacco Talk- Cohiba Blue

Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Honduras

Filler: Dominican, Honduras, Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Flavor Notes:  Leather, Pepper, Coffee

Smoke production: Full, Milky

Draw: Medium, Full

Burn: Even

Price: 9.50

Size: Toro

Smoke Time: 45min

A beautiful, slightly dark brown wrapper with a mild filler; the Cohiba Blue is a premium smoke with a budget price. From its dark, smoky, leathery notes to the mild hints of coffee, this cigar is a delight. It has a classic Cohiba feel without breaking the bank. I have smoked my fair share of these and overall they are very consistent. A very even burn and full milky smoke will satisfy your cigar craving and leave you wanting more.  A slightly full flavored smoke with huge pepper notes right from the beginning is usually thought to be enjoyed by a seasoned smoker. This cigar, however, is mild enough to give even a novice smoker an enjoyable smoke. 

Being a blend of Southern American tobacco makes for a very unique smoke with varietal flavors. The draw was slightly open and depending on how you prefer your air flow, it is fairly easy to draw. The roll is very even and firm. The price point is the best aspect of this cigar. Normal Cohiba ranges from $12-$30 and even beyond that. 

The Blue blend is around $9.50 for a premium cigar. All in all I will give this a 6 out of 10 based on my experience.